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Rick Santorum Says A steel Chair To The Head Is A-OK.

He is also really into sweaty man on man action. And helped get a lot of people drugs. And people die or are hospitalized every year because of his actions.


But enough of this out of context statement game (even as hilariously entertaining as it is). Here’s some Context: you may have already heard but Rick “family Values” Santorum used to lobby for the WWF (currently known as the WWE) the World Wrestling Federation!so yes he in deed does like sweaty man on man action. The important part is his Lobbying ended up deregulating wrestling in PA, which had a lot of interesting effects. He got it reclassified as entertainment instead of a sport. That is is a big deal. By doing that he made steroids legal to use as a wrestler and drug testing less rigorous, so yes he helped get a lot of people drugs.m This reclassification also made weapons legal to use in a match, so yes a steel chair to the head went from rare to common. in other words it became A-ok! it also made health and safety regulation much weaker. So yes people die and are hospitalized much more than they used to be in wrestling.. so yes, everything I said before is true.

oh, and he got it declassified by boozing up local politicians. So think about all that the next time Santorum talks about family values, or drug laws or health care for that matter.